The ESU was founded in Amsterdam in 1954, three years before the signing of the “Treaty of Rome”, which form the basis of Montanunion, the EEC, the EC and the current EU.

Meanwhile, 19 national member associations and 4 European associations belong to the ESU. To protect professional interests as a European umbrella organization – not only in the Commission, the EU Parliament and the Council of the EU – ESU is also a member of EFECOT. (European Federation for the Education of Children of Boatmen, Showmen, Circus Families and Professional Travelers.

In particular, thanks to the active participation of all national and European member associations, the Presidium and the General Secretariat, GS Ulrich Rust should emphasize here that the ESU has achieved so many positive results in nearly 50 years of its work. This, of course, supported our credibility as a forward-looking and successful lobbying organization and consequently aroused the interest of new members. The European Showmen’s Union ESU / UFE belongs to the avant-garde of the “European idea” and is heard in all European institutions.